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31 August 2010 at 07:43

The Barbadian Government did a census (perhaps the first) two- to three- months ago to assess the country's socio- economic conditions. I, Leeza Newill-Codrington, on behalf of myself and my countrymen/women will hold you, The Government of Barbados, to account and demand that you reveal and/or make available to us, in as simple a format, the following: 1.  How much money is in the Treasury Coffers2.  How much does the Government earn in taxes i.e. income tax, corporation tax, custom & excise tax, VAT, other3.  How much does the Government earn from public services4.  How much does the Government earn from local/foreign investments5.  How much does the country earn from production(local/exports), services (local/abroad), tourism, other6.  What is the country's public expenditure7.  How much does the Government owe to foreign entities It is imperative that we, the people of Barbados, recieve the true figures to judge whether you, the Government of Barbados, is running the country effectively and, meeting our needs as a society. Leeza Newill-Codrington Note: I would urge other people to demand this of their Governments.  Afterall, we, the people, appoint/elect them to oversea the running of our beloved countries on behalf of us.  They are in our service and therefore accountable to us.     images, and other content




by Ibukunoluwa Ozioma on Monday, 29 November 2010 at 19:07 ·

     I was horrified to learn, in recent times, that there are orchestrated actions of some men within the society to move in on defenseless, money-strapped women with children to deliberately have sex with all the members of the family – both the women and their children.  And, it would appear that the women condone this action as long as the men are providing the money.

     This behaviour is appalling at best but, understandably from the women’s perspective as the hardships of rearing a family is demanding and expensive, which impresses upon the mind of a conscientious individual as to what is to be done in the society to help improve such a situation.  The answer, as always, is in education.

     Many people within the society seem to avoid tackling or confronting this very sensitive issue because on the negative side of things it leaves it open for nefarious individuals to exploit such individuals for their own selfish interests.  Because of this situation in many societies it gives opportunities for social predators to exploit vulnerable members of society through employing them to deal in the manufacturing, buying, selling and distributing of drugs to the wider populace; the sex trade and/or just simply their own sexual gratification.  Sadly, it is the young who are mainly exploited in this way – the future leaders and occupants of the planet.  What does the future bode for humankind when children reared in this way are eventually sitting in positions of power?

     There are many adverse effects on the human’s psyche and soul when these things are allowed to flourish.  Education will highlight and impact upon the mind that exploitation of the sexual kind has long term damaging effects on the mental, physical (biological) and emotional state of the human being – particularly the young.  In Africa it is known that very young women – children as young as eight, are prostituted to men for a dowry (the societies that engaged in this both past and present will call this marriage with some form of financial or property settlement).  As a result of the young person being “in the family way” (pregnant), her fairly under-developed body is unable to cope with the stresses  of the advancing pregnancy, or, pregnancies in some instances, and the births, which leads to complications that literally destroy her anatomy such as her bladder and reproductive organs.  The outcome is that she then becomes an outcast within her community.

     What happens when a people elects an alcoholic President to run the country?  Answer, Iraq.   Persons who have developed vices such as alcoholism, possibly drug addictions could not possibly have sound judgement to look after a family let alone a whole country like the USA.   Usually a blind eye is turned by the authorities to such criminal activities as drug running and prostitution.  Historically, those who hold positions of social and political responsibilities engage in these very same unsavoury and criminal activities.  It goes without saying that the reason for this is not found only in self-gratification but, in the control of others with the prospect of financial gain.

     As a recommendation to combating this evil within many societies, the employment of qualified individuals/organisations to devise a program within the schools, particularly from primary schools, will inform the developing mind and empower individuals to face and conduct life in responsible ways.  Already it will appear that a program for drug awareness is undertaken by many countries, however, the fundamental problem is not tackled or dealt with until the economic and social welfare of society is addressed from the source.  For instance, the Family Planning Associations could develop a more comprehensive program that will highlight the costs – not just the financial but, the psychological/mental, emotional and physiological/biological costs to everyone but essentially to the young within the society.  In so doing, this will limit the creation of human resource that is vulnerable to such nefarious activities.

By Leeza Newill-Codrington







by Ibukunoluwa Ozioma on Friday, 2 September 2011 at 19:45 ·


In our New World, we were made to forget about our ways and the fundamental truths about ourselves.  We were forced to practice strange religions.  We were also forced to change our names.  In so doing we lost touch with ourselves.  Many of us became very afraid, because, if we don’t work very hard for our masters and mistresses we were beaten sorely or killed so as to be made an example of.


To overcome our fears and to be accepted by our oppressors we would serve “their Lord” the best way we know how.  Some of us convinced ourselves that this brought relief and release from the pain and suffering that was encountered.  Perhaps on a mental or psychological level we may have felt some respite (let us not confuse this with feeling and/or being spiritual).  Even in our country of birth, Africa, we were forced to take up the religions of those who chose to oppress us.  Our mothers and fathers who first came to the New World tried to keep our ways and traditions alive but they were stopped from doing so with more beatings.


Our Peoples taught us about how we, and the world we live in, came to be.  To make it easy for us to understand they told about this wonderful phenomenal through stories and images.  Somehow, these things were lost on those who did not receive the full knowledge.  The full knowledge of these things was passed on within the Temples of the Ancient of Ancients.  Even today, the Dogon, an African Tribe, continues to teach their peoples about the facts of life that they discovered just from reading the activities of the planets in Space.  The Ancients had discovered that what occurs above reflects below hence, the premise: As above, so below.


In order for us to be free from the magical spell that pervades our lives we have to come to the true knowledge of things again.  So, it is important to know that the Being that we have come to know as the Supreme Being is a very dynamic Force.  In its original state it was without form and made of dark matter and energy.  As a result of the particles within becoming condensed and rubbing together and causing friction there was a sudden explosion.  Some referred to this phenomenon as “the Big Bang” or as our Ancestors put it “a rushing of water waves” and since our oppressors have hoped to confuse us all about these matters they referred to it as “a Word”.   As a consequence of this Cosmic phenomenon, Life had started because this Being took on form and is present in all things such that it is referred to as Omni-present (everywhere), Omni-science (all knowing) and Omni-potent (all powerful).


As a fundamental result of this wonderful occurrence, Etheric Beings (these are considered by many civilizations, rightly or wrongly, as deities and angels) attend to the functionality of Life’s processes.  And, this is so because of the graduating processes from an inert state, which was the original state of the Supreme Being, to a denser form of matter and energy which we are, as human beings.  This Being or Force is present in all living and non-living matter.  At this stage of its development, beings are imperfect (emotional, excitable and insular, in nature) and tend to lean towards disunity and disharmony.  Thus, it is required of us to connect or re-connect with the higher aspect of who we are, which would bring us closer to the purer form of our natures, which is considered by many as the “spiritual” aspect of beings.


By Ibukunoluwa Ozioma


Copyrighted 2011

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by Ibukunoluwa Ozioma on Thursday, 10 March 2011 at 07:34 ·






Brothers and Sisters, I have been thinking of a way to help educate all of our children especially those whose parents are abjectly poor, and struck upon the idea that we should, as a people, provide the means for which our children can be empowered. This will require input from lawyers, lecturers/teachers and social welfare personnel.




Our youth will be educated in reputable Black-owned Colleges and Universities.  We will want for our children to be taught the truth about our history and not the watered down version taught in White Educational Establishments.  So, in effect, we want our youth to be empowered with knowledge, skills and capabilities in order to build and fortify the Black Empire.




The idea is for every working black man and woman from the Diaspora and the land of Alkebulan to pay into what we could call a World Education Fund.  This money will be paid into an account, into scrupulous Black-owned Bank every week and/or month.




My one concern would the security and the administration of the money.  We will need a legal framework to secure the safety and administration of the Fund, so will need lawyers.  We will need committed lecturers/teachers to our cause, so we will need to screen for reputable Colleges and Universities.  We will need to secure to well-being of our youth so will need social welfare personnel.




This is obviously a massive undertaking, but not an impossible one, and will require every willing conscientious black person to help in launching this project.


Our children are our future, they are our light.  They are the ones that will keep the lamp/torch burning. They, and this project, deserve our collective effort in advancing our cause as a people.  One Love, One Creator, One Spirit.  We speak of our plight.   We speak of our misfortunes.  Now it is time for us to act.




Any interested parties please contact me.




By Leeza Newill-Codrington


© 2011 












by Ibukunoluwa Ozioma on Sunday, 13 February 2011 at 12:02 ·


"Fatherlessness, not white racism, is arguably the single greatest influence in preventing blacks' rise to social and cultural parity with whites."  Does this quote by President Obama allude to the failure within the Black family unit to protect and prevent their children from becoming deviants within our societies?  Certainly fatherlessness plays a major part but, no doubt white racism does compound the problem because it could disadvantage even the whole black family unit i.e that which consists of the father, mother and children.


In America, it would seem, the Welfare system prejudices the whole family unit when in need of financial assistance whilst enabling and/or disabling (depends on how one wants to view it) single parent family units.  Although these people are in need of financial help this system encourages irresponsible behaviours by said group.  Children are a great responsibility and, people's social behaviour in terms of how they conduct their love/lust affairs creates a group of individuals who are fatherless with mostly uneducated and oftentimes emotionally disturbed mothers.  This usually leads to many children/youth who are uneducated, emotionally disturbed, drug involved (sellers and/or users) who as a result end up in prison, dead or just useless within the society.  Evidently causing havoc within their neighbourhoods and leaning toward criminality of all description.


So, what is the antidote?  People acting in responsible ways by first, giving consideration/contemplation to having unprotected sex (or no sex at all until marriage :) that will no doubt stem the problem that Blacks and societies face today; establishing themselves in terms of their education and jobs/professions and helping in their communities to help alleviate the problems within them.  Children need to come into a fairly strong family unit with parents who have some - if not all - the skills of coping/dealing with life and who have principles/values to help rear them.  Of course, there is no end to the possibilities to how we can bring about changes.  Yes, we the older generation have made our mistakes but, it is time that we start to THINK in more pro-active ways to bring about change within our individual family units so that the same mistakes will not be perpetuated.


By Leeza Newill-Codrington


© 2011






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by Ibukunoluwa Ozioma on Wednesday, 9 March 2011 at 18:08 ·

The Cultures that have their religions - note that they try to hide behind their religions by claiming that their evil acts are sanctioned by "God"  Yes, their "God" but, not the "God" that is the Creator of all this beautiful creation including humankind.  We can see how they can prove from their 'spiritual writings' that we are a cursed people and ought to be hunted down and killed or brought low and kept low.


Brothers and sisters, what we have been living in for these past few centuries and more is one elaborate smoke screen invented by the Cultures that claim a monopolistic affiliation with our Creator.  Look around you, brothers and sisters, look at the kind of world that we are living in and recognise ( or see) how easily we, as Black People, are drawn into this deceptive world and are very much a part of the web of deceit that exists, because to the same degree we tend to perpetrate it knowingly and/or unknowingly.


No doubt, we have been created for a better purpose.  We need to come out from this make-shift... shifty world and aim for a better one.  We need to take the wool from in front of our eyes very soon, otherwise, we will perish not having realized our full potential as human beings.


By Leeza Newill-Codrington


Copyright 2011

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