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The Alphabet of Love

The Alphabet of Love...


A Representation/Interpretation of the Tree of Life

Love is   a.  Activity – work, creativity, action                

             b.  Accepting – without judgment

Love is   a.  Benevolence - goodness

             b.  Balance – equilibrium in all things

             c.  Blessings – enrichments spiritually, emotionally, physically. 

 Love is  a.  Compassion – feeling empathically towards others.

             b.  Choice – inalienable right to think, to speak and to act.

 Love is  a.  Divine – heavenly

             b.  Discerning - insightful

 Love is  a.  Eternal – without end

             b.  Enduring – continuing to the end

             c.  Embracing – receive without judgment

 Love is  a.  Forgiving – not keeping record of other’s wrong-doing.

             b.  Faithfulness - loyal

 Love is  a.  Gratitude – thankful for all things

             b.  Generosity – giving willingly

             c.  Genuine – without bias

 Love is  a.  Honesty - truthful

             b.  Humbleness – recognising weaknesses in oneself

             c.  Humility - meekness

 Love is  a.  Inspiring – intuitively creative

             b.  Intelligence – reasoning mind

             c.  Illuminating - clarity and brightness of spirit

 Love is  a.  Joy - happiness

             b.  Joyous – full of happiness/excitement

             c.  Just – equitable/upright

 Love is  a.  Kindness – showing goodness

             b.  Knowledge – things learnt in and about life and the world around us.

 Love is  a.  Life – essence of Being

             b.  Light – enlightenment/truth

 Love is  a.  Magnificence – beauteous

             b.  Motivation – acting upon things/making things happen

 Love is  a.  Noble - honourable

             b.  Never-ending - Everlasting

 Love is  a.  Obedience - submission

             b.  Overcoming – rising above challenges and obstacles in life.

 Love is  a.  Pure – without blemish

             b.  Power - energy

             c.  Peaceful – quietness of mind/free from war or strife.

 Love is  a.  Quintessential – purity of Being

             b.  Quiet - stillness

 Love is  a.  Reverence – high regard, respect, awe

             b.  Respectful – treat with esteem and consideration

             c.  Rewarding – satisfaction from an act of service/deed

 Love is  a.  Sanctifying - cleansing

             b.  Satisfying – fulfilling

             c.  Service – helping those in need

 Love is  a.  True – without guile

             b.  Thoughtful – considerate towards others

             c.  Trustworthy – find loyalty in/reliable

 Love is  a. Understanding – empathetic to others and situations

             b. Ubiquitous - Pervasive

 Love is  a.  Virtuous - morality/chaste

             b.  Valiant - courageous

             c.  Vibrant – full of vigor

 Love is  a.  Wisdom - ability to think and act intelligently

             b.  Warm - comforting

             c.  Wondrous - miraculous

 Love is       X – the cross

 Love is       Yielding - giving

 Love is  a.  Zest - excitement

             b.  Zeal - enthusiastic

By Leeza Newill-Codrington



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