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The Opening

The Opening






Living LIFE the Right Way is our Saviour


LIFE is known to Man as God, Allah and Yahweh,

Naturally, All living matter is sustained by it,

Embodying All we need to show us the Way,

Balancing Love, Peace and Harmony with Conflict.


LIFE is perplexing to Man and cannot be fathomed,

Evidently, ALL living matter is confused by it,

Demanding we live symbiotically; Evil entombed -

Masquerading at times as Light – it’s only a gambit.


LIFE calls us to a Higher Order,

Compelling us upward and onward together,

Our base desires are nothing but fodder,

ITS aim is for us  to live in harmony together forever.


By Leeza Newill-Codrington



Faith in 'God' leads to love, compassion and service toward ourselves and to others




With Faith comes the hope to overcome.

With Aptitude comes the inclination to extend oneself.

With Intelligence comes the ability to exercise understanding and wisdom.

With Tenacity comes the need to hang in there to succeed.

With Heart comes the love to exercise compassion and service

to those in need, before, during and after the rise of`

one’s search for success and happiness.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Often we need a quiet place to go to renew our spirits




There is a place I need to go,

An oasis of calm, peace and quiet

To refresh my care-worn, world-wearied soul.

This place is dark, clear, clean and accepting;

Reviving, revitalizing and energizing my body and spirit,

Propelling me, hence, to ever-increasing heights

In my search for joy, happiness and LIGHT.

Is this dark place a reflection of my mother’s womb?

A dark place where I felt closer to the Divine?

A dark place where I felt closer to the Divine?

A dark place where I am at one with myself and 'God'?

The world is hard, cold and unforgiving,

Forever rejecting that which is right and wholesome –

Wrenching the soul apart; causing a divide –

Creating momentarily a schism of conflicting, warring forces.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999

Do we recognise the source from ‘whence cometh our help’?


Who is my Help, and, my Rock?

Is it the man I see feeding the flock?

Who will take away this pain

That flows like molten lava through my vein?

Who shall save me from the demons which threaten?

To invade the precious vessel that is my soul?


Build a fortress to protect me, Redeemer,

Against the fiery darts of death,

Put me on the path to quieter waters,

So I may hear thine Word clearer.

Bolster my flagging faith and deepen my humility;

And set me back on the road to righteousness and eternity.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


The Saviour is at the door, all we have to do is open it.




How thick is the door?

How wide is the awning?

Shall I let Him in before

His advent coming?


How willing is my heart?

 How tempting is the invite?

Do I really want to be a part;

To be humble and contrite?


I think the time is coming,

When I should respond

To the knocking of the Saviour,

As my heart is yet conforming.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


The purposes of Nature will be realised in the unity and harmony of humankind




The idea of a higher Being is Conceptual,

The motion and feeling of time, Ethereal;

The Word from above is Eternal;

Manifested as a Physical Being - the Corporeal.


Peace, Love and Order reign above;

War, Confusion, and Mayhem rule below.

Resurrect the Flesh and Spirit;

So Unity and Harmony may flow.


The Benevolence within Man had ministered,

But the Evil ones had hindered,

The triumphant heralding of the End

Of Death, Disease, Disasters and Famine.


But the Laws of the Universe cannot be frustrated

 By the malevolent accomplishments so far demonstrated,

For the order of things will be manifested

By Nature's Force; people of the Light confessed.


Leeza Gill-Newill


© 1999


Nature's Purpose is to bring about the eternal and immortal life of man


Is Man a part or a whole?

Does He belong to a whole or part of a whole?

Is He an act of creation or is He of himself?

Would man ever recognise who or what he really is?

The questions are endless about his creation.

Perhaps, He has to rely on higher proclamation

About who or what He really is!

Has He a soul or is He the soul?

Philosophers philosophy on this score.

Does it really matter if He is matter or not?

Or that He may have evolved from an ape or a spore?

After all, at the end of the day, His body returns to the dust, and his spirit to Nature!!


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


The quest to serve our fellowmen is the greatest honour shown to Humanity


We lift our hearts in rejoicing

Of Divinity's

Eternal Love;

We will drift on the wings

Of the peaceful white dove.


Open our eyes so we can see,

The joys that come from prophecy,

To extol good works for all mankind

So that no one will be left behind.


Our souls are bent down

In everlasting humility,

Give us continual Blessings

In our quest to serve humanity.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Communication with Nature can bring peace, joy and enlightenment




Father, I strive daily to keep thine commandments,

Thine law governs my every action,

Peace and happiness are the results of my obedience.

Dear God, give me the strength to overcome

The uncertainties and insecurities,

The pain and the upsets that threaten

To destroy my faith in thee.

Oh Eternal Father, praises to thee!

Time goes by when I look to thee

To enlighten my mind,

To brighten my life.

I search the scriptures,

I study thine Word …

Oh joy!  There are great blessings

In the knowledge and understanding of thee.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


We can grow in grace through obedience and the knowledge of Nature


Jesus, I know that thou art real,

I know that thou art true,

Thine Work is everlasting,

Even though I had misconstrued.


Though, I am yet a little child,

I yearn for what thou wilt;

I strive to do thine will,

This I do by faith.


The more I grow to know thee,

The more I love thine Ways,

I will forever be guided,

By thine loving Grace.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Consciousness is our guiding light



The Light of Consciousness shines from within

When man acknowledges it.

It radiates Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom

But these are sometimes hard to fathom.


My heart is heavy, when…

I see the darkness all around me;

Hope, to spread the Light –

Is deep within me.


My soul sorrows for those in ignorance

Of the Eternal Truth –

That is always with man,

Yet, he cannot see it.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Submission to Goodness brings us inner peace and happiness




Left, Right, Up,


Whatever the crossroad

Never a frown.

Journeying through life

As It’ll have me be,

A servant of prophesy

Being led by the Almighty.

Awaken from slumber,

Aye, like Samuel I did give,

The heart of a child,

For vultures daily feast.

Dismal the quest,

A determined sigh,

Father, use me

For Here Am I.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Salvation if free for all


The Master Plan of Creation,

Is to save every soul from sin,

So we can be as one nation,

Singing praises in hymns.


Wounded for all our transgressions,

‘So by grace are we saved by faith’.

Bore the pain, none can conceive,

Giving and  not taking.


A device of Immortality and Eternal Life,

A promise already being fulfilled,

A hope worth waiting for, which holds no malice;

Behind opaque curtains filled with demonic avarice.


Salvation is available and carries no price,

And is preached throughout the lands,

Observe His teachings and commandments,

So reach out and grasp His hands.


By Joy Robertson

© 1999


Deep remorse starts the process of true healing


Forgiveness is predicated

On the principle of repentance,

Otherwise it cannot be granted

To those without penitence.


To right a wrong committed,

One must have the need to confess,

To the transgression and hurt transmitted,

So that the offence can be redress.


To ask for undue forgiveness,

Without addressing the issues,

Makes for flaws and will digress,

God’s divine Laws and Statutes.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Nature has revealed Itself in three types of personages.



Three in one and one in three,

Is this the way we should view the ‘Trinity”?

Three separate entities but one in purpose,

Surely this is what is conveyed to us.


The Being in the Spiritual World, rules Supreme,

The Will of humanity atones for all humankind;

Nature's gift to the world to guide and to enlighten

Is the Consciousness, which straightens out our errant mind?


Why do theologists scribble over this clear picture?

Especially when it is stated obliquely in the Scriptures?

Are they so blinded by their own intellect?

That they missed this very important concept?


Instead of being puffed up in heart and mind,

When they show love and humility they’ll find,

The true mysteries of Nature is so kindly revealed

To those who are seeking the Truth; nothing is concealed.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Nature Glories in all It's Creation and all are welcomed into the Kingdom



“A mantle of honour and respect,” says the Latter Day Saints.

“And the only way back to Jesus the Christ,”

Yet, why was this privilege not extended to the African Race?

Like the Jews and Catholics, were they bigoted as to who should draw near to the Divine and God’s Good Grace?


'God' is the same yesterday, today and forever,” claimed the Prophets of the Scriptures.

All of us are sinners and yet loved unconditionally by the Saviour,”

Yet, lo and behold, we as a nation are belittled and ostracized by the arrogance

Of a blinkered and froward generation of people – unfavoured?


Until people can live the principles of the Gospel and the Laws of 'God',

The world will continue to pivot into obscure oblivion and definitive darkness,

Is this what we want for our children, and our children’s children?

Perhaps, we should extend a hand of friendship and a spirit of forgiveness.


We, the Black Race, can be exemplary of the Saviour’s teachings and miraculous wonders,

And, thence, carry forth His Work and pave the way, for those who claimed to be His ‘chosen’ sons and daughters,

Into the Millennium and the long awaited Promised Land; that God intended for the meek, steadfast and, obedient followers.


By Leeza Gill-Newill





Africa – Cradle of Cilvilisation



The blazing sun shines down on her

As she languishes in the deep blue sea,

Her heart beats rhythmically to the drums,

That told of a Once Proud Nation.


Her former self was vibrant with life,

That came from the source of Love,

The Sun was the seat of the Most High God,

Who ruled a Once Proud Nation.


She has been asleep for hundreds of years,

And must now awaken to her children’s tears,

They yearn to return from the four corners of the earth,

To the comfort of a Once Proud Nation.


Open your Arms, O Africa, and receive,

The children who are your progeny,

From righteous mothers and warrior fathers,

Who were stolen from a Once Proud Nation.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


The dawn of reality, of inalienable rights are there to be had by Africans and their descendents




Awake, O Africa, Awake,

Awake from your slumber,

You have strayed for a while,

But you are not encumber.


Open your eyes to the light,

God has not forsaken you,

He is calling you from the night,

To a brighter point of view.


Awake, O Africa, Awake,

It is time for your redemption,

Open your heart and receive,

For this is God’s divine Plan of Salvation.


Return to your Heritage;

Claim your rightful inheritance,

Heirs to your Birthright,

Stand with all your might.


Unite in your thoughts and doings,

Be led by your Ancestors,

God is directing them,

For your salvation and progression.


Awake, O Africa, Awake!


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Historical inaccuracies must be revealed to right a wrong done




Deep in the recesses of our minds,

Lurk the memory of our existence,

When gross atrocities are apparent,

Denial of the truth is in evidence.


Our history is shrouded in mystery,

Because of the well-laid plan of deceit,

The Plan for our salvation must unfold,

So we can claim our rightful stronghold.


Give us inspiration to extend,

And, exercise wisdom to its extent,

Our accomplishments must be realistic,

For the better of the black populace.


The time has come for those who wronged us

With penitence, sincerity and honour,

To repair the damage to our dignity,

And restore our wealth and prosperity.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Africans and their descendents can rise above the mis-information and mis-education of Self to overcome the enemy.



There is nothing benighted,

About our Ancestrals’ souls

But history reveals a blighted and sordid slave trade that unfolds

The true nature of European’s vital force,

They used the Bible to full effect,

And thus compromised the affect

It could have on creating harmony

Among peoples in our far-flung country.

Were their intentions honourable?

No! For it can be seen in their control

Of our lives and hence our destiny.

How do we regain our dignity?

And do we compromise our chance for survival

By selling our souls to the Devil?

No!  We must fight the common enemy,

And for the rights of our progeny.

THEY depend on our input to rise above tyranny.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


The painful past need not affect the brightness of our futures




The past governs our lives

Like iron-clad chains,

Reminding us of fragile lines

Between its pains … and our futures.

Necessity dictates that it is not repeated;

Survival requires our collective responses.

The world may view us with impunity,

But our aim is to strive no matter the severity.

So unite brothers and sisters –

Let’s put our heads together,

For the furtherance of our posterity.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Morals should be the foundation of our families and societies



What are we seeing?

What do we hear?

What are we missing that makes our identity so rare?


Where are our men?

Where are our leaders?

Black mothers, why do you fail?

Black fathers, why do you resign yourselves?


Where is our hope?

If not in the leadership of our kin people,

How would we be led?

Except it be through identity and unity?


Do we have a vision?

Why are we defeated?

Are the odds stack so high,

That we fail to accomplish and to overcome them?


The truth is that we forsake

The qualities that make for leadership;

The responsibilities of teaching

Correct principles of hope, vision, humility, faith and stewardship,

Endurance, Self-esteem, respect,

Honesty, love for oneself and each other.

These are the measures by which our young men and women

Can become outstanding and up-standing;

Becoming stronger ever stronger.


Co-ordinate our communities …

Orchestrate family activities,

Plan our societies,

Establish, therefore, culture and stronger families.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Melanin - the key to Life




The Mormons claim that the Blacks are cursed with a black skin,

But how can this be when they produce the gene Melanin,

Its properties are stimulated by Ultraviolet rays,

In order to give protection to the Black Race.


The Sun’s rays are greater because of holes in the Ozone Layer.

And the “Chosen Race” is at risk from its imminent danger.

Perhaps, you need to review your thinking, Mormons,

Examine more closely the evidence and, your reasons.


Hence, as Christians don’t throw stones at your Black brethren,

Or put stumbling blocks in their path so they stumble.

Christ did not born, live and, die on the cross,

For you to undo His good works and to make such a fumble.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


A Prayer for our African Brothers and Sisters


Children of Africa

Look into each other's faces

And see the Divine reflected there...

See the love, the Peace and the Harmony

That characterise who you truly are, and want to break free

Take the blinkers of jingoism, of hate of deceit from your eyes

So you can see clearly ahead

To a state of existence shared by all of your brothers and sisters in UNITY

Our Creator has not deserted you

Peace is still yours to be had

We stand with you in your struggles

You, my brothers and sisters,  are not alone.


By Leeza Newill-Codrington

copyrighted 2010




Armageddon - the crucial decider between the reign of righteous and unrighteous rule


Armageddon is the Jew’s Salvation and Dominance;

It’s the answer to true Christian’s hope and, distance

From a world of Supremacy and Oppression,

Set in motion by Presidential succession.


The authorities are engaged in turning a blind eye

To tyrannous actions and they justify

The myriad of frightful frequent incidents,

Which promotes numerous ‘undesirables” and Black’s accidents.


Is this supposed to be God’s Will?

Or, the masterpiece of the Devil?

I can only guess at the outcome of scriptural instructions,

Does it amount to total destruction?


According to Scripture, though, there is a place

Set apart for the righteous populace

To dwell in peace and harmony

Untouched by Babylon’s demonic hegemony.


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


White Supremacy is a scourge to Mankind and delays Enlightenment


Fear springs from the unknown,

Causing some fanatics to disown,

Those they should not condemn,

And people who truly loves them.


Fear motivates the cowardly and the benighted,

To engage in terrorising the affrighted,

Because of the lack of faith and light,

Many will experience dearth and great plight.


Faith and enlightenment are the answer to fear,

Giving hope and strength to those who despair,

And the carnage that would have emerged,

Will inevitably be averted and purged.


Life requires the confidence and desire,

To sustain its force and to aspire

To loftier and grander Ensign,

Which enhances mankind’s Design.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Happiness and freedom come with a price


In the abyss of life’s mortal felicity,

Abides temporary subjugation;

Once cemented by standardization and society,

Dawns the realisation of hard to earn FREEDOM.


Only to do as they wish!

Never a delightful dish.


Many have died, not to be confined,

Like Malcolm X; his life’s struggle and religious excursion

Reveals the defaulter’s price.


Only to do as they wish!

Never a delightful dish.


Do not … Can not … negatives are its unscaling cliffs,

Announcing boldly that which is good and right,

Reconciliation, only a lingering myth,

A hypothesis left untried.


Only to do as they wish!

Never a delightful dish.


By Joy Robertson

© 1999


Nothing good is gained through hypocrisy; good usually overcome that which is corrupt




The old adage is that history repeats itself,

And as sure as the world is round

The powers that be will come to a standstill,

And stare in the face of the horror they’ve created.

Many cilvilisations have come and gone

Leaving behind them the legacy of destruction,

Frustration and consternation.

The successive inheritors of those empires

Set about whitewashing Civilians and Nations,

In the hope of secretly pursuing and sustaining

The same philosophies under the guise of religious persuasion,

Creating a kaleidoscope of confusion,

Between what is right and wrong,

Sending the world pivoting into mass hysteria.

Fascists and religious fanatics have the same face –

Terrorising the world with their arms and biological warfare;

They speak of World Peace but behind closed doors,

Governments give license to unjust killings,

By throwing their lot in for their own gain.

Does the means justify the end?

Or, the end justify the means?

Perhaps, World Peace will stand Supreme.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


And He shall judge among the nation, and shalt rebuke many people: and they shall beat their [weapons] into pruning shares; nation shall not lift up [weapon] against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore. (Isa. 2: 4).




The American and Russian Governments have launched an out of space satellite station.

No doubt to further develop weapons that are more superior and of mass destruction.

Their work will be carried on with-out our suspicion and in deep secrecy;

Avoiding the backlash and consequences of the Universal Human Rights Policy.


The Governments of America and Britain have launched an air attack against Iraq,

But, this irrational behaviour and destruction of innocent life cannot be backtracked,

They may try to deceive the world by giving reasons that Saddam has defaulted,

But, for some of us their excuses have no real basis and should be confounded.


Their main aim is to gain conquest and to destabilize the Middle East.

This may be the start of world supremacy and thus, the nature of the beast.

The stage is already set, with the actors in place to play their well-rehearsed parts

For the die is cast to continue the reign of destruction against Saddam’s ‘silent darts’.


By Leeza Gill-Newill



Genetically modified vegetation has the ability to overrun and choke other forms of vegetation.




Genetically modified foods were introduced into our diet,

Slowly and surely against our suspicion and will;

Without our knowledge and obviously on the quiet,

This should be a sure warning to the whole population.

That the ‘Big Boys’ are wielding tremendous power over our destination.


Does this not show complete control and a need to manipulate?

Humankind and everything to maintain a continual economic force?

And all this at the expense of our health and our beautiful planet,

So, let’s not vegetate in ignorance and inactivity,

Let’s investigate this heinous source and insidious proclivity.


Is it that we are heading for a serious form of a communist state?

Where those in power will set up and instigate

An irreversible control on our minds and autonomy,

Learned from the failures of past dictators and, thus,

Create a granite-like face of the capitalist Enemy.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


War is not the answer – Love is!




Britain and the United States stand steady,

To deliver a maelstrom of destruction

Like a scorpion stood poised, ready

To strike with a lethal venomous injection.


Iraq is under suspicion of storing weapons of mass destruction,

So like imperialists, Britain and America demand an instant investigation.

Why should they have the privilege of developing?

While other countries remain defenseless and innovatively unfulfilling?


Our world should be free from offensive and defensive threats,

For the future of our children are undermined and filled with secrets,

Of hidden agendas and private combinations

Hatched for insular and selfish aspirations.


Nations that engage in creating weapons of War,

Satan is the Father of these evil ones.

So citizens of the world don’t stand from afar!

Raise up a banner against the creation of destructive weapons.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Knowledge of all things quickens the spirit and mind




To gain knowledge is an honour,

To have it taught to us is a privilege,

The wise relentlessly pursues it,

The ignorant embraces it with a pledge.


To be enriched we must hold out tenure,

And the world will open up in panoramic technicolour,

Lack of it restricts our progress and view,

So grasp hold of it and be renewed.


To procrastinate is to undermine its value,

And discontent and senseless wars will ensue,

The pursuits of politicians are self-serving,

Hence, our search for true knowledge is selflessly surfacing.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Time is endless and cannot be harnessed


As the saying goes it waits for no man,

He is governed by it –

He lives, works, entertains, eats, sleeps

Within the framework of it.

Yet, there are not enough hours, minutes and seconds of MAN’S TIME

To pursue his ever increasing exploits.


The concept of time is not his to be had,

It eludes him like quicksilver – that’s bad;

His dreams and visions have no timeframe or mode,

His actions have no reason or rhyme,

Man is destined, no doubt, to subliminal void.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Deceit is manifested in every aspect of human life


This world as we know it is fast becoming renowned,

For corrupting children’s futures - how profound! 

There is no longer any merited beauty in their natures,

For their fore parents have forfeited those futures.


Many who have gone before hoped for a better world,

But have compromised on forging a better way ahead,

By succumbing to underhand dealings and, dirty tricks campaign

To aid progress but, corruption and confusion remain.


The pendulum of Life has swung as far across,

And must make a return journey that changes fate,

And as rolling stones will gather no moss,

Life will wipe clean this besmirched slate.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999






Dedicated to my aunty, Leeza Gill-Newill


Surrogate mother, divinely appointed,

Upon the mantle piece where she remains anointed

By the family - vile and filled with sibling rivalry,

Yet, sibling of siblings she cares for, when there is misery;

Like the trees shed their leaves in autumn she sheds her coat,

Forgetting the past; igniting the torch within,

Which like a peacock’s tail has her hypnotised

To the nature bound duty to take the strain out of strife,

Ever present, sacrificing her life which matters most,

She is the control for whatever reason be,

Relevant to the ongoing experiments which construe life,

In and out of the unfathomless sea,

Her brilliance, strength, and characteristic of peace,

Make her a banner for an Aunty.


 By Joy Robertson

© 1999


The home should be the first place in which practices of diplomacy and peace-making of world decisions should be worked out.


Siblings are constantly squabbling and fighting,

Making a mockery of family life,

Mommies and Daddies are always despairing,

About the practices and antics of their troublesome off-spring.


Often they create problems where there aren’t any,

Perplexing conundrums and tantrums are in plenty,

Anyhow, when they become tired as night time advances,

With cuddles and kisses, we are in with some chances.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


The flow of knowledge facilitates the journey through life toward our destinies despite uncertainties


Hold on and never let go!

For the journey of our unfolding soul,

Is confusing, terrible, yet simple at that,

So-o-o-o relax.


Hustle and bustle, however, flowing with the times,

Piecing the puzzle of our everyday lives,

Constant decisions made to direct the train,

Finally under control as knowledge is gained.


Speeding through life, wise, comfortable and successfully,

Inspired and handled psychophysically,

Uncertainty the track and, our ongoing history,

Travelling into the spiritual states of our hidden, pre-determined,



By Joy Robertson

© 1999


Love exceeds all virtues and is the source of light, understanding and wisdom



What is love?

Can you hear the noise of the masses?

There is a need so deep to understand

This simple four-letter word,

From the lowest to the highest of classes.


What is love?

Would it ever be understood that it is a state of being?

Alongside which the antithesis of hate and indifference exist

Creating disharmony and, hence, is soul-destroying?     


Love is noble –

It uplifts and puts one –

On a higher plane of existence.

It does not set out to hurt,

Or create disharmony,

Or, indulge in discriminations and recriminations,

It is, in essence, like a beautiful symphony.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999



New “love” is so blind,

It comes up from behind,

And robs you of your senses,

As you go about life’s challenges.


It stops you from eating,

Sleeping and socialising;

It makes you vulnerable,

Stupid and unable

To formulate sensible sentences.


Your hormones go haywire,

Your bank balance becomes expired,

Your life goes into reverse,

You quickly end up a bundle of nerves.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


The merest slight can cause a woman misery




When you don’t look her in the eye

As the day goes by;

When you turn away,

From day to day;

When your shrugs are many

To her questing query,

You squeeze her heart with abject misery.


Her eyes are filled with love for you,

But, your gaze is blank and far from view,

She lowers her gaze to hide the pain,

Sadness is her only refrain. 


So, be mindful of your actions -

Husbands who display these fractions -

Of total disinterest and slighting ways;

Causing your wives to be in disarray.


By Leeza Newill-Codrington


©2010 (22 -01)


A perfect union between man and wife is God’s purpose


Our Union


Darling, you chose me from a myriad of women,

When you signed on the dotted line with a pen,

At the church you pledge your vows to me

Promising to be mine; mine only.


Your embrace promises a vortex of fiery passion -

Coupled with future hopes and compassion.

Extending your arms daily; your loving so sublime -

I will cherish from the start of day to the end of our time.


Consider the love that binds us so close together,

Which everyone knows will last us forever.

Our futures are intertwined and cannot be sever

Because we are joined by God; no one can put asunder.


By Leeza Newill-Codrington



A man among many


His eyes are the windows of his soul,

He is silent; he is strong,

He is quiet; he is solid,

Words do not come easily to him,

His promises are his bond.


His eyes are the windows to his soul,

He is tall; he is stalwart,

He is firm; he is a rock,

Warmth emanates from him

Evoking his mate’s response.


There is permanence in his manner,

There is reliance in his form,

There is no one like him for me;

No one promises such assurity,

He is, undoubtedly, my one and only.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Dedicated to my niece, Joy



There is a stillness that stems from contentment,

Yet, a perturbence deep inside that speaks

Of a need to know and to understand

Those perplexing things around her.

She is my heart; my bosom buddy,

She is light; she is hope,

With the right guidance – she’s success;

With the right ingredients – she’s happiness.


There is a small fire within needing to be fuelled,

With the desired amount of stoking to set it ablazed.

Her deepest dream is to find the right mate,

Who can stoke the fire deep inside

To create, an inferno of controlled power,

Acceptance and all-consuming love.

And to indicate by word and deed his full intention

In facilitating the passage to continual affection.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Families can be forever


A family should be a binding unit

In a world of strife and perfidy,

Upholding each others’ feelings,

With honour, love and sincerity.


When there is conflict in the home,

Discipline must be brought to bear,

To restore the orderly, calming influence,

So security and safety may dwell there.


Recognising each other’s natural bond,

Stoically respecting each others space,

Puts us on the path to tolerance,

Of undeniable familial stewardship.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


Horrible deep-seated memories could disrupt the normal pattern of our dream state.



Deep in the gloomy corridors of my mind,

Furtively skulks the monster of a distant past,

Released in spontaneous, inept thought,

He beckons me, He beckons me.


Unaware of its power, I tentatively approach,

Caution dogged my every step,

Fear lights my response to its watery abode,

He beckons me, He beckons me.


Drowning in its depths; scared of dying,

Yea, but there is still hope

As a tunnel appears; life’s its comfort,

He beckons me still again.


Gasping to the morning sun,

Drenched from the storm of this dream,

Furtively skulks the monster of a distant past,

He beckons me!


By Joy Robertson

© 1999


Some children are sometimes caught up in a world of their own



There was once a little boy called Ted,

Who would often forget he had to be fed -

‘Cause he loved to follow the silvery moon -

So would forget and eat his soup with a fork instead of a spoon.


He would follow the moon from street to street,

And many times end up with very sore feet,

His Mum would cry in abject despair,

“I bet he is wondering if there’s a man

In that circular Sphere”.


When his aunties come on Wednesdays to visit,

His Mum would always respond, “He’s following the silvery moon again, poor twit”,

When she is asked, “Where’s our dear, little boy, Ted?”

 “He’s out and about, forgetting his nice, warm bed.”


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


A dedication to my father-in-law, Norman Newill


My father-in-law has lived his life

(So did his wonderful wife)

Dedicated to a large family.

Has fulfilled his devoted duty

To both church and country –

Now he must leave this mortal world and return

To Him whom he has not spurn,

But loved, cherished and trusted,

May God embrace and keep him safe.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999


A dedication to my mother-in-law, Dorothy Newill


I have a wonderful mother-in-law,

Who, I believe, is without flaw,

She makes you feel tremendous warmth of welcome

As she opens her heart and her home;

She’s a cracker! We all believe so.


Humility and love is the essence of her,

There’s an aura of happiness; never a murmur,

She lights up your life within an instance

For on meeting, you become quite entrance;

She’s a corker! We all believe so.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999




Scattered thoughts in a vortex of imagery,

Incapable of defining reality,

Screaming wildly down the annals of time,

Wondering if he will ever be mine.


Edging closer to the tip of insanity,

Coming ever so near to speaking a profanity,

Of cherished moments that should have been ours,

Waiting with bated breath for his promising favours.


Moving softly through the quagmire of my mind,

Clings the nebulous idea that he will find,

Amorous feelings of pure intensity,

Giving me hours of incomparable intimacy.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999



She has been attached these past five years or more

To a man she respects and deeply adores.

Yet, deep within run such strong feelings of passion for another,

Like a deep current pulling her down, deep down

Into the abyss of sensuality.

These emotions cannot be smothered,

No matter how much she bothered

To control the direction of them

Is this an omen?

Or an opportunity to explore the essence of herself?

The immediate surroundings are atmospheric,

These emotions that are flowing are electric,

The passion that is borne out of desperation

May have no root or place for expansion.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999



Circumstance dictates a restraint on his part to hold out;

On this secretive love affair that is in the offering,

Convention requires at least a modicum of self-control –

Perhaps, until Spring?

Simply because these ardent desires can no longer be contained,

Despite what the moral code is about.

It certainly goes against all the pent-up sensations …

Deep in their hearts, so don’t take long – reach out,

And start the exploding celebrations of fireworks.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999



The rupture of an affair in embryo

Produces a terrible case of vertigo.

The aborted pleasures are felt with such intensity,

Giving rise to growing immensity

Of a need to merge in copulation,

Which would heal the sense of loss and frustration.

Ahhh, but this is not to be

For they are both married,

To spouses whom they adore,

And, therefore, they cannot explore …

Commonsense has replaced strong urges,

And has obviously diverted disastrous surges

Of insanity, sexual gratification and wanton desires,

Which while lessening the raging fires,

Gives rise to a growing void

Or, a ruptured affair in embryo.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999




He is a shadowy figure, lurking;

Interrupting the normal patterns of her thoughts,

Maneuvering stealthily through -

The fast becoming tangle of her mind.

Insinuating his presence on her being,

Making it impossible for her to remain

In contact of her dignity and fidelity.

It is as if she has no control over his presence,

And the feelings it evokes over her emotions;

Giving rise to unforbidding sexual and erotic desires.

Is this a shadow of foreboding,

Or is it a bitter sweet dream of reality?


Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999



He loves me, he loves me not,

Bequeathed with doubt,

My entire being hollers out

What will it be?…

Torment me no longer,

For I long for the passion

Which flows like a river –

Trickling from the snowcapped mountains in spring;

Then whirled into a tumultuous din

As confusion is in the ultimate,

Exhausted and drained of emotional resources,

Another day, as I harp the chorus in my spare time spot,

He loves me, he loves me not?


By Joy Robertson

© 1999



He’s an enigma,

A man who’s perplexing,

And sometimes quite vexing –

Commandeering my love; it’s so complexing.


He’s an enigma,

A man who’s unerring,

There’s no need for despairing –

Entrusting my love; it’s so endearing.


He’s an enigma,

A man who’s commanding,

With a hope that’s expanding –

Releasing my love; it’s so outstanding.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999

(Written on 15/07/09)



Does the sun rise in the East?

And the sea ebbs to and fro as it flows?

Did the Titanic sink?

Does February have an extra day in each leap year?

As certain as these things are,

So is the beating of my heart,

Filled with love and promises,

For one who is elusive as Jupiter and Mars.

My soul soars and dips like a dove in flight,

Hovering momentarily for an answering refrain,

From that special someone who is stunning in every way.

Are my frequent prayers in vain?


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999



Connected by an untimely marital bond,

This is weakened by a faith unfound,

Held together by gossamer thread,

Ultimately misguided and misled.


Love’s trust holds no steadfastness or honour,

Hope has less space to expand and find favour,

Upstaging the need to exercise tentative precaution,

Toward the desire to build a very strong foundation.


Many a union has sever its marital ties,

Maybe because of the multitude of continual lies

That seems to stem from wandering emotion,

Love’s dishonour has been permanently set in motion.


By Leeza Gill-Newill

© 1999



As she grows in spiritual understanding and knowledge,

Great temptation awaits, luring her into a mirage

Of carnal desires and, a world of wanton sensuality,

Convention no longer binds her to its precepts;

She is free to fly high or to plummet to the ground.


She loves freely and her heart swells with the euphoria of it,

Excuses will not suffice; she must follow this emotion

Until it has exhausted itself, or taken hold and bloom like an oak tree.


The object of her desires, is mesmerized, like a butterfly,

Trapped in the glare of a brilliant white light;

Movement does not enter his mind for his expectations seem to mirror her own.


By Leeza Gill

© 1999



Thrusted into a world of delightful retreat,

Where everything is as I’ll have it to be,

There you stand saying what I thought,

As you shortened the distance ‘tween you and me.




Fantasy, a world of unending dreams

A place in my heart,

Undisturbed by reality,

A cruel pleasure I know,

As I stride through my fantasy world.


The great lakes shout out and the meadows full bloom,

As the king of my heart ventures thoughtfully near,

Fearfully close, as I think yet again,

In the main room of my palace, mystery creeps right in,


(Repeat chorus)




Who knows what will happen every moment we think,

Anonymity rules and secrecy’s the other link.


(sing) CHORUS


His eyes are light brown and mysterious,

To her ears, the words of promises sound melodious,

Her heart lurches and does a crazy dance,

Her pulse jerks as she falls into a trance.




Oh, lover of the night

Give this damsel pure delight

As she soars the crest of the wave

To a world of heightened disarray.


The future is looking sharper and brighter,

As the hopes she cherished ignite her.

The path to untold ecstasy is unfurnished

To which the measures of fulfillment are unfinished.




He is like a Latin lover

Offering untold pleasure

Promising in his heart, love forever,

Where she will reside as his treasure.


 By Joy Robertson

© 1999

Dedicated to my lover, Denny



Loving another is so sweet,

But, where is the requiting love?

It’s languishing in retreat,

Afraid to rise and fly like a dove.


Loving another is so sweet,

But, why the feeling of utter pain?

This is life’s experience to repeat –

Over and over; again and again.


A God above feels the pain

With every proffered pang and twang,

Giving relief again and again

Against Life’s backdrop of Yin and Yang.


By Leeza Gill-Newill


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